"Mother's Milk" delves into the profound connection shared among all mammals through the life-force of maternal nourishment. This series transcends species boundaries to celebrate the universal significance of motherhood and the sustenance it provides.
This project confronts societal taboos surrounding milk, particularly human milk, challenging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of this fundamental element of life. The photographs juxtapose the purity of milk with the artificiality of modern consumption, symbolising our detachment from nature and the consequences of our reliance on processed alternatives.
Moreover, the project sheds light on the exploitation of natural resources and the commodification of life-sustaining elements. By showcasing flowers grown solely for the purpose of being cut, "Mother's Milk" underscores the reckless exploitation of nature for human gain, further emphasizing our disconnection from the sacred cycle of life.
"Mother's Milk" invites viewers on a contemplative journey to reexamine their relationship with nature and the profound significance of maternal sustenance in sustaining life. It serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the natural world and the importance of preserving the lifeforce that binds us all.
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